Hello There, I’m mox1

I’m a computer security expert and python guru currently residing in the United States.
mox1 I hold a BS and MS in Computer Science and have been toying with computers for most of my life. In college I spent most of my time publishing papers about p2p-networks, Malware / Reverse Engineering and Cryptography. My current employment has me heavily involved in network data analysis, Linux system administration , python programming and systems engineering. My spare time is usually spent hacking away on one of the projects below. My goal is to use this Blog to share my experiences and my knowledge with the world.


This is a short list of my current and former "projects".
  • blogstrap.py - a lightweight blogging platform based on web.py and bootstrap.
  • SSRadio for Spotify - Mobile music app combining Spotify and SiriusXM. Custom Spotify App library written in C++ with Objective-C bindings on iOS and Java JNI bindings on Android.
  • World Wonders - Mobile App which overlays lots of interesting locations on Google Maps. Has bookmarks to shipwrecks, historical places, etc. Written in Cordova + Intel App Framework. Available for iOS and Android.